About us

Your motorcycle may be a factory-produced machine, but you’re not. We believe your ride should reflect who you are.

Your passion. Your desires. Your personality.

That’s how we roll at Vicious Cycles, where it’s all about the passion for motorcycles and the people who ride ’em. Run by owner Matt and a small team of mechs, VCSG delivers quality builds with bespoke customisation services as well as the usual garage fare.

We want to help you discover how kickass your ride can be, so roll on by and let us have a crack at your ol’ rattletrap. Results may vary, but one thing’s for sure — you’ll never feel the same way about your ride again.

The team

Founder •
Workshop & sales
Matt is the founder of VCSG and a reformed MX/dirt-track rider and race team mech. Now he spends most of his days dreaming up glorious bike builds and chopping up fenders and frames with his bare hands.
Manager •
Tattoo artist at Twenty-20 Tattoos, Manager at VCSG, and full-time mom to 2, Teresa’s clearly a force to reckon with. She handles the daily operations, and makes sure everything ticks along like clockwork.
Co-founder •
Media & PR
Art director by trade and a rider by choice, Mervyn oversees the VCSG brand and media output. With a keen eye for detail and a swagger that puts Johnny Depp to shame, he makes looking good look easy.


Contact us

If we don’t answer your call, it’s because we’re busy, not because we’re arrogant SOBs. Drop by the shop for a guaranteed response!

We don’t provide in-house tow services, so please don’t call at 2am in the morning and ask to have your bike picked up. Instead, call the numbers below. Just let them know to send your baby to our workshop and we’ll take a look when we get in.


6425 5333 (24hrs)

Bike Rescue

9189 4113 (24hrs)

Go! Towing & Transport Services

8666 6060 (24hrs)