Custom work

We strive to make every motorcycle that we build an expression of the owner’s personality and character. Our work is imbued with our own unique style; we don’t believe in copying what’s already out there. All custom bikes are subject to stringent road testing and strict checks before we allow them out of the compound.

As much as we’d like to, this isn’t the era of holographic communications so we can’t do assessments via a phone call. If you’re interested in our work, drop by our workshop with your ride. We’ll see how we can get you set up and loving your motorcycle even more than on the day you first got it.

Note: Here in Singapore, heavy fines are levied on those who are caught using any other exhaust system other than stock (unless it has been pre-approved). That’s why we often build the bike around the pipes. If we had it our way though, things would be different. But the law’s the law, so we simply have to work with what we got!